Ariel's craft journal (dragoncrafter) wrote,
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Peacock Feathers

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Pattern: Peacock Feathers
Yarn: KnitPicks Shimmer in Maple Leaf, a tad bit over 2 skeins
Modifications: I messed with the decreases a lot, did one of the garter borders in purl instead of knit, and twisted some stitches; for more details, see this entry
or this entry.

Notes: I think that the Maple Leaf has too much value differences to be particularly well suited for any complicated lace. The shawl looks fine over things that are either a lot lighter than the yellow or a lot darker than the red and brown, but the lace pattern vanishes over anything else. I own a white dress and a black dress, so I think I'll manage, but this is not ideal.

I am not a great photographer. I can't seem to get really accurate colors.
Tags: lace, pictures
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