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February and March goals

February goals:
  1. Finish Peacock Feathers - Done.
  2. Dragon lace swatch - Done.

    Image hosting by Photobucket"> This is #20 DMC Cebelia, 100% mercerized cotton, on 3.0mm needles. My pattern. I'm not thrilled with it-maybe it will look better if I make the back three rows of YO holes instead of two, or if I forget including eyes and just make the head a mess of YOs. At the moment, I seem to have, well, some fairly decent dracolich lace.

  3. Make a hood for a friend who requested one - Done.Image hosting by Photobucket This is made of exactly two skeins of Jaeger Matchmaker DK on 3.25mm needles. I did a provisional cast-on and made the head part, then picked up the cast-on (and along the strap under the chin) and did the neck, in 1/1 ribbing rather than cables and stockinette, and knitted until I ran out of yarn.
  4. Do the swatching, photography, and final rewriting for an article I'm writing for (I hope) Knitty - not done
  5. Obtain all measurements and project ideas for longer-term projects - done with 3/4.
  6. Update this a bit more often - not done. Sooo not done.
So...4/6. Not bad. Not great, either. For March, I'm going to keep it to two goals:
  1. Finish Mandy's sweater. This will be Eris, pullover version, in Andean Silk in Leaf. I've just gotten a few rows past the end of the collar: Image hosting by Photobucket
  2. Swatching and photography for article. This time for sure!
Tags: cables, dragons, goals, lace, pictures, representational
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