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Recall my April goals:
  1. Sweater for Ed.

    The original plan was to make Torgeir. However, some combination of the yarn (alpaca+silk=no stretch or memory) and the increases in the pattern gave me lots of gappiness, and convinced me that I wanted to use a cable pattern without the long lines of increases opening up a reverse-stockinette patch.

    After careful consideration, and some experimenting with a complicated mess of Saxon plait, four-rib braid, and simple cables, I decided to go with the cable pattern from Eris, so that it would match Mandy's sweater.

    So far I have:

    A sleeve
    Part of the torso

    The original plan was to do the front and back in dot stitch, as in Ripley; however, I decided I didn't like the way it looked in the Andean Silk, so I stopped. I was too tired to rip back and fix it, though. I think it looks all right as a ribbing-to-stockinette transition, though.

    I just have to decide whether or not I want a square of reverse stockinette with a knot on it on the front.

  2. Very small teddy bear. Done.
  3. Socks! Not really done. I've got parts of at least two pairs worked up, but nothing I feel like showing off.
May goals:
  1. Finish Ed's sweater. This time for sure!
  2. Do some sort of original design work. I've got two distinct ideas of what this could be. One idea is: more dragons. The other idea is: knitted snarks.

    It was pointed out (in a community I read) that the Szekeres snark would look really cool as a cables-and-bobbles pattern. I'm probably going to start simpler, with the flower snark. (To my surprise, although the Petersen Graph is the simplest snark, and has a lot of different ways of being drawn, none of them lend themselves particularly well to being knitted. This is really too bad, as the Petersen graph is probably the most famous single graph in graph theory, and is further cool because it is the smallest counterexample to everything.)

    Of course, if I don't get around to knitting snarks, I can always make a quick snark:

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