Ariel's craft journal (dragoncrafter) wrote,
Ariel's craft journal

This has been a surprisingly trip-intensive summer, and thus I have not had time to do much posting.

I did in fact accomplish my June goals (including the implied July goal of finishing my mother's sweater before I met her, and the hood before I left.) Aside from Ed's sweater, I don't have pictures of any of these. Why do I not have pictures of any of these? Anyway, Mom's sweater is just like Mandy's sweater-same pattern, same yarn, different size.

The hood is a fairly typical Ariel hood, sort of a mix of Rogue's hood and the hood in "Viking Patterns for Knitting". This time I used Eris's cables.

However, I miscalculated the length of cabling I would need, so the top of the hood has a less pretty cable pattern than I had hoped. I'm thinking of reassessing my hood algorithm so that either (1) I make a single long strip of cable, or at the very least (2) start at the top of the head instead of the chin, so this won't happen. This will probably eliminate the need for grafting in pattern, which is sad because I like doing it. Of course, it does make the pattern much more amenable to being published, since many silly people do not care for grafting in pattern.

Now? I'm sort of poking at design work, but mostly I've been playing with variegated sock yarn, and I never feel that that is worth posting about. It's just-plain socks, how exciting.

After running tests on appearance, feel, ply structure, and gauge, I have decided that I cannot reject the hypothesis that Koigu and Cherry Tree Hill Supersock use the same base yarn. I have also ordered a cone of Louet Gems Pearl, and will shortly investigate the hypothesis that it is the base yarn.

Socks that Rock looks and feels a lot like the Koigu/CTH, but it has three plies instead of two, and is thicker. I am pondering the hypothesis that it is the same stuff as Louet Gems Opal; no immediate plans for hypothesis testing exist.

Koigu/CTH, in my opinion, need to be worked on 0s to get an acceptable fabric for socks. Unfortunately, I only have one set of 0s and they are occupied by a secret project. Hence, I will not be making socks of them just yet. Perhaps I should start a sock in STR; that I can work on 1s.

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