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Knitting-related plans

So, I think I shall change this to a rest-of-the-year goals post, and just post monthly updates.

My goals for September-December:

  • Christmas presents. This time, I'm only making stuff for two people (my sister Miranda and my cousin Sierra), and none of it will be large.
  • A sweater, for me, in Malabrigo. I'm thinking Menja. Due date: Ideally, by the end of September, but since I only ordered the yarn tonight, this might or might not be practical. Edit: I am unimpressed with Halcyon Yarn. Not only are their shipping charges notably high, their back-ordering policy is: we won't tell you if an item will be back-ordered, we'll just charge you for it and ship it out whenever we can, without asking if perhaps you would like to change your mind or edit your order. It's sounding like I will be lucky to get the yarn by the end of September, let alone knit it up.
  • Convert a nontrivial fraction of my sock yarn into a more useful form. Due date: whenever.
  • The shawl of justifying the title of this blog-thanks, page68, for bringing this to my attention. I'm planning to do this in superfine merino which I shall order from here. This site takes Paypal. So I will wait to order the yarn until the middle of next month, or whenever it is that Amy gets around to paying contributors to the last issue of Knitty. Unless, of course, I lose patience entirely (which is possible.)
  • Design work. I think I will set up an ongoing goal of one 10'' x 10'' swatch (in DK weight yarn) per two weekends. I've completed one such swatch, last weekend. One of these days I will remember to photograph it during daylight, and then you will get to see it.
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