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Justifying the title of this blog II

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I have a Grand Plan: to create lots and lots of cable patterns that look like real things, or at least, like things other than knots, assemble them into an afghan, and then send the pattern to the Knitting Vault.

This is the rough draft of the first such pattern.

When I originally sat down to design this, I failed to realize something fairly obvious, namely that the dragon's head was positioned in front of its wing. Now, the head and body have to be in stockinette, just because stockinette cables are smooth and good. The wings I want to be some sort of smooth stitch, and the background has to be distinct from both of them. Originally, I was going to make the background reverse stockinette, and the wings stockinette, just like the head.

This might be made to work, if I was willing to outline the head with columns of purl stitches. However, halfway through I instead decided to try making it with the background in seed stitch, so I could use reverse stockinette for the wings. I think it worked out pretty well.

There are a few other little details I plan to revise, when and if I get around to fixing this pattern.

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