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Goals for 2007

So, let's recall my goals for the end of 2006:
  • Christmas presents - all done.
  • A sweater, for me, in Malabrigo - not done.
  • Convert a nontrivial fraction of my sock yarn into a more useful form - Done, although most of the socks were plain stockinette that I did not feel merited a blog post.
  • Dragon shawl - not done.
  • Design work - I got some design work done, but not nearly as much as I had wanted.
Here is the WIP roundup:
  • The green Malabrigo sweater. This is probably the first thing in my project queue, as it is the only thing I both (1) have an immediate use for, and (2) will not take ages.
  • The cabled picture knitting afghan. I would like to do more of this. I think I will stop putting off revised versions of squares; if I can't think of anything I want to/can do that week, I'll just do an improved dragon/butterfly/castle/alphabet/willow square.

    If anyone has any suggestions for things that would be cool as cabled picture knitting, leave them in comments. No promises I'll ever make them, but suggestions are appreciated.

  • The dragon shawl. This is still a WIP, and probably will be for a long time, as I have gotten to the point where I have to work from two charts at once, and so it's not that portable-and I have the green Malabrigo sweater to work on for non-portable projects.
And here's the plans roundup:
  • More socks!
  • Handwarmers that fit properly, and mittens and a hood in (probably) an angora blend for really cold days.
  • Do something with the 200g of wool my mother brought me from Ireland. I'm thinking some sort of bag with aran patterns.
  • Art meme. A while ago, on my other journal, I did one of those ``comment to recieve free art'' memes, and got three responses. So far I've made art for one of them.
  • Christmas presents for next year.

    My mother's family gets together every December 24 for food/talk/gift exchange. We draw names out of a hat so that everyone gets gifts from exactly one other person. We used to do this drawing at Thanksgiving, but when people started asking for handknits from me, I asked them to move it up, just in case I decided to make someone a lacy shawl or something else massively fun but time consuming. So they did. To the previous Christmas. So I know who I am knitting for: my cousin's husband. I am planning to make him a hat and gloves. (Not something I really need a year's lead time for, but...)

    We also do immediate-family gift exchange, and I am planning to knit sweaters for both my dad and my sister. Faramir seems to get a lot of use, but I knitted it in cotton, and the neckline was too big to begin with, and cotton sags. So I think I am going to make a new one in wool. (Same tree for the front, tengwar instead of runes for the back, maybe set-in sleeves instead of drop-shoulder, maybe a different cable for the sleeves.)

    I've never made my sister a sweater, and I think she would like one with a butterfly on it.

To make this a proper goals post, I suppose I should have due dates. But really, I don't see the point. There's the stuff that's due December 24, and the sweater that's due ASAP, and the rest of it-which is all due whenever. I suppose I could redo this post with proper due dates once the green sweater's finished.
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