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Miranda scarf

So, here are pictures of what I've got so far:

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Here is what I am definitely going to do.

I am going to put a second Print O' the Wave zigzag diamonds border on the other side; the spider stitch (the one on the left) is going to be in the middle. I am probably not putting an M diamond on that one; just five or six of those little clusters of four solid diamonds.

Then I am going to pick some pretty garter stitch edging (such as the one on the edge of the shawl in my icon) and put it on the four sides of the scarf, and then I will be done.

Here are the things I am considering doing.

  • I think the scarf will be a bit long. To deal with this, I can do a number of things. The obvious thing is to unravel the bottom tier of the zigzags on the side I have, and just not knit it on the other side.
  • Another option would be to remove a few repeats from the middle bit. My grafting skillz are definitely 1337 enough to do this, so it's what I will do once I have the ends looking the way I want and discover that the scarf is still too long.
  • A third option would be to take out the M diamond and redo it a bit smaller. See, the problem here is that I swatched a little rectangle around the M. So the M looks fine, but it takes up less of the lace diamond than I expected. So I could make the M diamond about 1/6 shorter, and I think it would look better. The problem with this idea is that the M diamond is currently exactly as long as two tiers of standard diamonds, and shortening the M diamond would require me to do a non-integer number of tiers on the other side.
And so, gentle readers, I request your opinions. Would removing the bottom tier make the scarf look bad, and should I or should I not do something about the M diamond?
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