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Knitting fonts

So I think I want to start making myself some knitting symbol fonts. I don't want to use the existing freely available fonts (from Aire River Design and David Xenakis) because
  • They don't have enough symbols to gracefully handle things like "twist 1 left while simultaneously decreasing one stitch", which comes up more and more with the picture-knit designs I do.
  • There's not even a way to distinguish between "cable 2 left" and "twist 2 left" with Xenakis's font.
  • The Aire River Design font is *still* not fixed-width. Also, for simpler designs, I like the "it looks like what you end up with" mode of cable charts. The Xenakis font sort of has this, but ARD does not.
  • If you use (La)TeX, there's a way to get fonts to be in different colors. And using white for knit, grey for purl makes for (in my opinion) very clear, easy-to-read charts.
So the question becomes, what things do I need a symbol for? I've got a list, but suggestions of things I forgot would be appreciated.

(Also, if you've got a way to convey both "twisted make-1 increase" and "knit through the back loop" that does not involve using letters as chart symbols, let me know.)

  1. Knit
  2. Purl
  3. Knit tbl
  4. Purl tbl
  5. Twisted make-1 increase slanting left
  6. Twisted make-1 increase slanting right
  7. Twisted make-1 purl
  8. Knit front&back
  9. Mirror image of kfb
  10. Purl front&back
  11. Lifted increase (increase by knitting into the stitch of the previous row) slanting left
  12. Lifted increase slanting right
  13. Purled lifted increase slanting left
  14. Purled lifted increase slanting right
  15. Make 3 from 1 increase
  16. Purled make 3 from 1 increase
  17. Make 5 from 1
  18. Make 7 from 1---and do I need symbols for make 4, 6? Do those ever happen?
  19. K2tog
  20. SSK/SKP
  21. P2tog

    There will probably be a separate font with wrong-side versions of *everything*, in case you're designing something where both sides are complicated and good-looking. So this list just covers the right side---I'm deliberately not including, say, both p2tog and ssp.

    The five double decreases:

  22. LCR
  23. LRC
  24. RCL
  25. RLC
  26. C**
  27. Make 1 from 5
  28. Make 1 from 7
  29. Possibly a slightly different make 1 from 3 from the double decreases, that looks more like m1from5.
  30. Purled make 1 from 3
  31. Purled make 1 from 5
  32. Purled make 1 from 7
  33. Slip one with yarn in front
  34. Slip one with yarn in back
  35. Yarn over
  36. No stitch
  37. Bobble on 3 stitches
  38. Bobble on 5 stitches
  39. Irish knot
  40. Bind off knitwise
  41. Bind off purlwise


  42. Cable 1 over 1 left
  43. Cable 1 over 1 right
  44. Cable 2 over 2 left
  45. Cable 2 over 2 right
  46. Cable 3 over 3 left
  47. Cable 3 over 3 right

    (All six of those need to have both right-side and wrong-side versions.)

  48. Cable 2 over 1 left
  49. Cable 2 over 1 right
  50. Cable 2 over 3 left
  51. Cable 2 over 3 right
  52. Cable 3 over 1 left
  53. Cable 3 over 1 right
  54. Cable 3 over 2 left
  55. Cable 3 over 2 right
  56. Cable 3 over 4 left (?)
  57. Cable 3 over 4 right (?)

    The twist versions (with purl background instead of knit) of all of the above

  58. Horizontal cable; possibly a different symbol for the last of them.

    And all of the assorted mixed cable/increase and cable/decreases I've ever used (of which there are many.)

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