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Knitting fonts

So I think I want to start making myself some knitting symbol fonts. I don't want to use the existing freely available fonts (from Aire River Design and David Xenakis) because
  • They don't have enough symbols to gracefully handle things like "twist 1 left while simultaneously decreasing one stitch", which comes up more and more with the picture-knit designs I do.
  • There's not even a way to distinguish between "cable 2 left" and "twist 2 left" with Xenakis's font.
  • The Aire River Design font is *still* not fixed-width. Also, for simpler designs, I like the "it looks like what you end up with" mode of cable charts. The Xenakis font sort of has this, but ARD does not.
  • If you use (La)TeX, there's a way to get fonts to be in different colors. And using white for knit, grey for purl makes for (in my opinion) very clear, easy-to-read charts.
So the question becomes, what things do I need a symbol for? I've got a list, but suggestions of things I forgot would be appreciated.

(Also, if you've got a way to convey both "twisted make-1 increase" and "knit through the back loop" that does not involve using letters as chart symbols, let me know.)

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