Ariel's craft journal (dragoncrafter) wrote,
Ariel's craft journal

Knit fonts/TeX code

Okay. I've been working on a way to get knitting charts out of TeX, and I think it's about where I want it:

Oak leaf and acorn chart

I've got the font mostly created to my satisfaction; if someone can suggest better-looking or clearer symbols, or more symbols that I should include, then please say so.

I've got some TeX macros that take care of special symbols (like that 5-with-a-hat on it), and that affect the global chart appearance.

The whole thing is bundled into a ZIP file, and I've put it up on a google site:

I think that at this point, I need to (a) revise the documentation, and (b) get some other people to look at it and tell me any other commands/symbols this package needs. So if you know TeX and are into charting knitting patterns, please, download and test it and tell me what you think. There are a few more elaborate things I want to do to the cables, but that can wait.
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