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I realize that this journal's been a bit TeX-heavy lately, so for those of you who are here for the pretty knitted things, here are Miranda's Jaywalkers:



(Older posts on these here and here.)

It turns out I wasn't quite careful enough when estimating how much yarn I had left; I had to unravel a few rounds at the end.

I hope these things fit. They're a little big on me in the feet...but the real problem is that knitted fabric isn't as stretchy on the bias as it is left and right, so getting these things over the heel is kind of hard.

This is only compounded by the fact that most merino sock yarn, such as the Socks that Rock these are made out of, is tightly spun to make it durable...which tends to make it less stretchy. Something with elastic in it really might be better for this pattern.

This is probably the first pair of socks I've ever actually blocked. Usually they don't need it. These ones did. (And I'm glad I did some short-row stuff to deal with the chevrons; I think that would have been wonky otherwise.)
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