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The Angband sweater

I'm not quite finished, but since I am not good at self-portraits, I don't think it will really matter if I don't wait until I am.

So, I present: the Angband sweater.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

What I have learned:
  • The thing with increases and decreases that's on the cuff really is the best way to arrange for a small non-flat-sided section of your knitting to be in reverse stockinette.
  • Leaves should be at least seven rows high and should have more space around them. (Five-row leaves just look like blobs. Seven-row leaves actually look like leaves.)
  • If most of the branches are two stitches thick, the roots should be too.
  • If I do this again, I will move the tree up so that I can use four branches in the neck cables instead of two.

Chart is here.

Edit: Someone's got a nifty blanket using this tree here.
Tags: cables, representational, trees
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