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Knitty sizing changes

Knitty has edited their submission guidelines. It used to be that you could use "XXL" to refer to whatever you wanted; now you have to use "XXL" to mean "designed to fit a woman with a 48-50'' bust. They're taking their definitions from This means that sizing will be standardized from pattern to pattern, and that nobody who thinks of themselves as "XXL" will be disappointed at discovering a pattern only goes up to XXL and the designer thinks XXL means a 40'' bust. A number of people in the online knitting community are quite pleased about this.

I'm not.

I don't know what size I "should" be. Any decent pattern will provide the actual finished measurements as well as the size labels, and I use that. I just take my bust measurement, add 1'' or 2'' or however much ease I want, and find the appropriate size. If that comes out to "S" or "M" or "XXXXL", fine, whatever, I use that letter for that pattern. I can live with using a different letter for a different pattern. So there's no way in which standardizing sizes makes things better for me.

And I can see how it makes it worse.

Their bust sizing chart goes up 4'' per size: S is 4'' bigger than XS, and 4'' smaller than M. On the other hand, their fit instructions say that a close-fitting pullover should have 1-2'' of ease.

So suppose I make a pullover following these guidelines. Then my S will have a 35'' bust, and therefore fit someone with a 33-34'' bust. My M will have a 39'' bust, fitting people with 37-38'' busts.

What on earth does someone with a 35'' bust make?

Knitty's new instructions force their pattern designers to do one of the following two things. Either: every single pattern will need at least a 4'' range in how much ease is acceptable (um, no) or will have to use sizes like "S½", which is silly and confusing.
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