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Knitting-related goals for February

I'm taking a cue from Jessimuhka here.

February goals:

  1. Finish Peacock Feathers-as I write this, it's sitting on my lap in the middle of row 240 (out of 250), so this should be plausible.
  2. Do at least a few swatches for my planned next lace project-a shawl with dragons on it. Since Walker 1 doesn't appear to have many lace dragons, this will be designed from the ground up.

    I'm TAing this quarter, so I have one class I have to attend, but only have to take notes on about half of-I don't think I need to record the proofs of the theorems, just what they are. So I tend to spend about 90 minutes a week sitting in the last row, doodling. Or rather, designing knit patterns. I've got some dragon wings and a snake head or two I'd like to try out.

  3. Make a hood (like this one) for a friend who requested one, and bought the yarn for it.
  4. Do the swatching, photography, and final rewriting for an article I'm writing for (I hope) Knitty.
  5. Obtain all measurements and project ideas for longer-term projects. Specifically:
    • A sweater for my mother-I'm thinking of Eris in Andean Silk.
    • A hat and gloves for my cousin. These are for her Christmas present for 2006.
    • Something or other for Ed and Mandy. I made Leaves in Relief for Mary and Josh when they got married, so Ed and Mandy should get something. They're getting married in June, and at this point, probably aren't getting anything big by the end of winter (it's been an absurdly warm winter this year), so I'm not in a rush with this either, but if I finish all the above goals, this is what I should start.
  6. Update this a bit more often.
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