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Nobody suspects...the BUTTERFLY!

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I went over to sit next to Lake Michigan, listen to the waves, and work on these yesterday, and finally finished them; I've been working on them for weeks.

The color is not at all accurate, but this was the only picture that (1) was not blurry and (2) shows the lace pattern, so I'm keeping it.

The lace pattern is ``Print o' the Wave'', which I got from Heirloom Knitting. I edited it a bit; those zigzags of YO holes are a triple zigzag instead of a double one in the original.

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This is a combination of knitting while watching Battlestar Galactica a week or two ago, last night while watching the first half of ``The Marriage of Figaro'', and this afternoon when I picked it up, wandered over to the lake, and knit until it was done. I'm starting to really like knitting near the lake. Too bad I realized this a few months before it's going to get far too cold to do it.

Last night's alphabet block was actually done about a week ago; it just took a while to get around to photographing it. In other words, contrary to appearances, I did not do an insane amount of knitting this weekend. I am just a sporadic blogger.

The right half is actually the top half-no, that is not a whole lot of horizontal cables, that's a bunch of columns of knit stitches that cable a little. It looks better because (1) I had a good picture of what went wrong in the left half, and (2) I got to use decreases in the way I want. I shall have to think about it, to see if I can get the bottom side to look good. The other alternative of course involves provisional cast-on and working out from the middle, which would work, but which is more complicated than I really would like.

I should also remember that blind increases exist. I know four kinds of increases: YO (big hole, use only if you want a lacy effect), twisted YO/twisted make-1 (tends to leave a small hole), knit into front and back of st (leaves a little purl bump) and blind increases, done by knitting into the row below (the closest to invisible, at least on stockinette ground. Nothing is invisible in reverse stockinette.) I remembered them when I was almost done; I shall have to rethink their positioning.

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