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This is the gingerbread castle from Walker II. I made a swatch of it just because I felt like it. It is in Yarn Place Gentle on 1.5mm needles, just like the dragon shawl.

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This is yet another original cabled pattern. Three things I will be changing about this in the final draft: (1) The top bit behind the crenellations will become seed stitch. (2) All the horizontal cables which have stockinette on both sides will become likes of purl. This is faster and looks as good. (3) I will switch this to be worked on an odd number of stitches. This may mean I make some slight revisions to make it less symmetrical, so the fact it is off-center won't be quite so noticeable. It may also mean that I change all the patterns to be worked on one more stitch; the dragon and butterfly are not symmetric, and letters aren't either, so thus far this is the only pattern where parity of stitch numbers matters.

Tags: cables, lace, pictures, representational
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