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January knitting post

So, of my goals for 2009, which ones have I made progress on in January?

Well, this month I've made some progress on Miranda's Christmas present, and have completed two socks:

Two socks

Note that I did not say I'd made a pair of socks.

The one on the left is my timed sock (Goal #2). (For the curious, it took about 10½ movies.) It's made according to my generic toe-up double-gusset short-row-heel sock recipe that I use by default.

The one on the right is half of my little sister's Christmas present (part of Goal #1a). It's from Grumperina's Jaywalker pattern, modified as described here.

After a few cold days in Chicago, I decided I needed a facewarmer more than I needed to finish my Christmas knitting by August. So rather than casting on for the second sock of either pair, or working on Nancy or Rob's present, I started on Goal 3, and did something with the qiviut:


Cowl lace

I don't really have enough for a scarf. So I'm making a cowl, which means "a scarf sewn into a tube, so you don't have to waste any fabric holding it on; it can all go into covering things".

The cowl is mostly in 1/1 ribbing. The idea is that it should stretch big enough to get around my face (22"), but should still shrink small enough that if I pull it down to my neck (13.5"), it shouldn't be too ridiculously loose. There's one little narrow lace panel, just for the visual interest.

And in the meta-knitting front, I've made some progress on Goal 11, making a knitting font:

Leaf and acorn edging chart

This is the leaf and acorn lace from here (messy and difficult to follow chart my foot, Ms. Bradberry).

The font is mostly made in MetaFont, with some virtual-font stuff to add in the grayscale (which I use to mean "the purl version"), and so that I can nick the numbers (and the letters B and m) from Knuth's fonts.

I have no idea how, or even if I can, get this font to work with Word/Excel. See, I've got it set up so that, if I use the font with TeX, the typesetting program I like, it will do some automatic combination stuff---the gray-5-with-a-hat on it, for example, I get from the keystrokes [5, and I get cables with things like ppKK. TeX is smart enough to turn pK, Kp, Kk, and kK into the four mini-cables, but I don't think Word is. And there's a lot of other nifty stuff I do in TeX that I can't do here. So I may have to just tell everyone who likes this font that they have to use TeX.

Any suggestions for this font? My artistic visual-design skillz are not all they could be.

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