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Knitting for nerds

I'm on a few knitting mailing lists, and lately I've seen two calls for submissions for new books-one of patterns for bigger women, and one for a book for teenagers, which is apparently to include sections for jocks, goth, punks-and nerds.

Which makes me wonder. Why isn't there a book-or at least website-for knitting just for nerds?

Some links to the sorts of patterns which could go in such a thing:

Note: if any of these links are broken, try entering the URL into the Wayback machine.

And some plans:

  • Fractal stitch patterns-Sierpinski shawl, Sierpinski carpet, possibly that flow snake from Math Quilts, the dragon curve, Penrose tilings, etc.
  • rhitsqueaky suggests space-filling curves and cellular automata.
  • Fibonacci-related stuff: domino/square tilings, or a rectangle made of squares with fibonnaci-number-length sides. Or maybe a pentagonal star.
  • Come to think of it, if you can do a pentagonal star, you can probably manage the Petersen graph.
  • Pythagorean-theorem proof as a little square (or rectangular) pattern. Unfortunately, I think this one may need to be multicolor.
  • D8 afghan. (64 of any non-symmetrical square block can make this one. I originally thought of this as a quilt pattern, but it works here too.)
  • Siefert surfaces as bags, tank tops, or just cool thingies (like the hyperbolic plane above)
  • Cross-cap mittens
  • More polyhedral dice bags. (rhitsqueaky suggests stuffing them and using them as car dice.)
  • Crocheted chess pieces
  • Escher paintings
  • Borromean Rings. I'd base this on Marley or Steve's strap.
  • Equations as cables or as stranded colorwork

    Come to think of it, the vast majority of this stuff is mathematical.

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